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Diabetic Hypoglycemia Volume 1, Issue 1, June 2008


Hypoglycemia section of the American Diabetes Association (ADA) website,

Martin Gilmour of the Diabetic Hypoglycemia Editorial Team

Diabetic Hypoglycemia June 2008, Volume 1, Issue 1: page 17

In each issue of Diabetic Hypoglycemia we review a website that contains information on hypoglycemia. In this first issue we review the hypoglycemia section American Diabetes Association (ADA) website,

Webpage overview

The hypoglycemia page of the ADA website is part of the type 1 diabetes section of the website, which is primarily aimed at people with diabetes and their families. The page describes the symptoms and signs of hypoglycemia, how low blood glucose can be detected, and its treatment and prevention. The page also contains a link to a Glucagon Training Video.