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Diabetic Hypoglycemia Volume 1, Issue 2, September 2008

In Profile

Professor Philip E. Cryer

Martin Gilmour of the Diabetic Hypoglycemia Editorial Team

Diabetic Hypoglycemia September 2008, Volume 1, Issue 2: page 15-16

For the second in our series of ‘In Profile’ interviews with influential figures in the field of hypoglycemia, we were privileged to speak with a world-renowned expert in hypoglycemia; Professor Philip E. Cryer. Professor Cryer is the Irene E. and Michael M. Karl Professor of Endocrinology and Metabolism in Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis. A clinical investigator, Professor Cryer has studied the pathophysiology of glucose counterregulation, and its relation to clinical hypoglycemia in people with diabetes for nearly four decades. Professor Cryer’s research has been recognized by his being the recipient of: the Banting Medal for Scientific Achievement of the American Diabetes Association; the Claude Bernard Medal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes and, most recently, the Novartis Prize for Longstanding Achievement in Diabetes. A past president of the American Diabetes Association and a former editor of its leading journal, Diabetes, Professor Cryer will soon publish his third book, Hypoglycemia in Diabetes: Pathophysiology, Prevalence and Prevention.

In this interview for Diabetic Hypoglycemia, Professor Cryer talks about the inspirations and influences behind his career as well as his highly cited work in the field of glucose counterregulation.