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Editorial Board

Brian M Frier, MD FRCPE
Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

Associate Editors
Simon Heller, BA MB BChir DM FRCP
The University of Sheffield

Rory J McCrimmon, MD 
University of Dundee

Christopher M Ryan, PhD
University of Pittsburgh

Anthony L McCall, MD PhD FACP
University of Virginia

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Editorial Board Biographies

Editor in Chief: Brian M Frier, MD FRCPE (Edinburgh, UK)
Brian Frier is Consultant Physician in general (internal) medicine and diabetes at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh and is Honorary Professor of Diabetes in the University of Edinburgh. Professor Frier’s principal research interest is the pathophysiology of hypoglycemia in humans with particular relevance to diabetes. He has published extensively in this field and has co-edited two multi-author international textbooks on hypoglycemia and diabetes: Hypoglycaemia and Diabetes: Clinical and Physiological Aspects, and Hypoglycaemia in Clinical Diabetes (now in Second edition). His other research interests include: insulin therapy, the complications of diabetes and driving and diabetes. He is currently the Chairman of the UK National Advisory Panel on Driving and Diabetes.

Simon Heller, BA MB BChir DM FRCP (Sheffield, UK)
Simon Heller is Professor of Clinical Diabetes at the University of Sheffield, and Director of Research and Development and Honorary Consultant Physician at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust. He received his clinical diabetes training at Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham and his research training at the University of Nottingham and Washington University, St Louis, USA. His current research interests include the physiological responses to hypoglycemia and hypoglycemia unawareness, pathophysiological mechanisms of sudden death in type 1 diabetes and developing interventions to encourage more effective diabetes self-management. He was Editor in Chief of Diabetic Medicine between 2000 and 2004. He is currently a member of Diabetes UK Research Committee, JDRF Scientific Review Board and the MRC College of Experts.

Rory J McCrimmon, MBChB MD FRCP (Dundee, UK)
Rory McCrimmon holds the post of Professor/Clinical Senior Lecturer at the University of Dundee. His primary research interest is the exploration of the underlying mechanisms by which the brain, and in particular specific hypothalamic nuclei, sense falling blood glucose and trigger a neuroendocrine stress response in iatrogenic hypoglycemia in individuals with diabetes. His research group is also interested in studying those factors that modulate the neuroendocrine stress response to try and understand why this system is impaired in diabetes. His ongoing projects use in vivo microinjection, microdialysis, and gene therapy approaches in animal models (rat and transgenic mice) as well as neuroimaging studies in human subjects.

Christopher M Ryan, PhD (Pittsburgh, USA)
Christopher Ryan holds the posts of Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, Professor of Health and Community Systems at the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing and Professor of Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh. He is interested in the effects of various medical disorders and medical therapies on cognitive functioning in both children and adults. He is currently involved in the first study of diabetic patients to delineate changes in cognitive functioning from late childhood into middle-adulthood. This study is also the first to link functional changes to diabetes-related biomedical variables.

Anthony L McCall, MD PhD FACP (Virginia, USA)
Anthony McCall received his MD from the Medical College of Wisconsin and his PhD in Neural & Endocrine Regulation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  His clinical training was at the Boston University Medical Center where he did his residency in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology fellowship and was Chief Medical Resident. His current positions at the University of Virginia are as the James M. Moss Professor of Diabetes in Internal Medicine, the Director of the Diabetes Clinical Services at UVA Health System, the Medical Director of the Virginia Center for Diabetes Professional Education and the Medical Director of the Diabetes Education & Management Program. He has also been Medical Director of the UVA Islet Cell Transplant program. Much of his research investigation has focused on how diabetes and hypoglycemia affect the central nervous system. He is working with UVA colleagues on a computer controlled insulin infusion for insulin pumps as an “artificial pancreas” therapy for type 1 diabetes and on the genetics of cardiovascular risk of diabetes.

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