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Diabetic Hypoglycemia Volume 3, Issue 2, October 2010

Research Round Up

Research Round Up - hypoglycemia data from The Fremantle Diabetes Study, effects of hypoglycemia on the brain and neurocognitive function, and continuous blood glucose monitoring

Nicole Meinel of the Diabetic Hypoglycemia Editorial Team

Diabetic Hypoglycemia Oct 2010, Volume 3, Issue 2: page 14-17

Predictors of severe hypoglycemia in The Fremantle Diabetes Study

The Fremantle study in Australia was a longitudinal observational cohort study in community-dwelling type 2 diabetes patients that was conducted to determine the incidence and predictors of severe hypoglycemia. Episodes of severe hypoglycemia were defined as episodes requiring health service use including ambulance crew assistance, hospital emergency department treatment and/or admission to hospital. Assessments were made of episodes occuring between 1998 and 2006. The results revealed an incidence of 1.7 episodes of severe hypoglycemia per 100 patient-years, with 52 of 616 (8.4%) patients experiencing 66 such episodes over 3953 patient-years (1-4 episodes of severe hypoglycemia were experienced in these patients).